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Proposal Guidelines

Here are some things I’d like to see in your project proposals: Audience: For whom are writing/designing your e-porfolio, curriculum proposal, or research essay? Why is what you’re doing going to be significant for them? Purpose: Why are you doing what you’re doing? Objectives: What are some measurable outcomes of your work? I’ll use your […]

E-portfolios examples

These are some examples of student portfolios from which we’ll choose when we read some together in class today. Writing, Communication, and Design Eleisha Teasley, Spellman First-year writing portfolio Clarissa Owens, Florida State first-year writing portfolio Jeb McCulla – LSU Distinguished Communicator, Communications Misa Saburi, Rhode Island School of Design Business […]

Welcome to CTCH 792-003: E-Portfolios

Thanks for having a look at this site. It presents basic course information for CTCH 792-003: E-Portfolios, a special topic course offered in the Higher Education Program at George Mason University in the Fall 2010 semester. This site is unlikely to change much over the course of the term–most of the action will be happening […]